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Gospel singer Eko Dydda has been reigning top in the industry since his debut with hit single 'niko na reason' featuring Holy Dave. Eko Dydda immediately shot to fame due to his unique singing style 'stagger.'


Eko Dydda who is the reigning male artist of the year, had a while back taken a break from the music scene to start a family.

A fact not known to many until recently Eko Dydda is in fact married and has two sons. The musician's sons; Keep It Real and I Am Blessed became the talk of the town after their impressive performance on The Trend on NTV.

Recently Eko Dydda took to social media to pen his wife heartwarming messages of praise and love;

"I see most people say true love doesn't exist, and happily ever after is only in the movies. That is only true If he came for the beauty and she came for the money/fame/power , but if he/she is a gift from GOD then you will experience happily ever after and true love. Abraham and Sarah did, Isaac and Rebecca did , and all these were not material oriented relationships. Ok hao ni wa kitambo. I met her in this generation before the fame and the money
#TribeAllGeneration #ApanatambuaUkabila #JESUSculture #loveCulture"

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