face of faith

What is the purpose of beauty? And can it it be used as a medium to propagate the gospel?
Christian pageantry is taking root in the entertainment industry and so we took time to do a research as to why this is happening.

In Ghana Face of faith Pageant Africa is one that is doing very well. christian ladies from the African continent come together biannually to have this project.

The contestants are given female bible characters to understudy and represent. They go through grooming as well and are taught on the importance of girl child education. The winner then becomes the girl child education ambassador. we think this is a brilliant idea and We fully support this vision.

 In America there is also Miss Christian International pageant system which is focused on women empowerment. In Zambia there is Miss Christian Nation.

 miss christian nation miss christian international


Beauty is God given and it has a purpose let us encourage our young ladies to find the purpose for which their beauty was given